Cancer – leading cause of death worldwide

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Cancer – leading cause of death worldwide

There are billions of cells in your body and mutation of only one of them can kill you within just a few months. That is how cancer works. One of the leading killers of the population is being studied worldwide by thousands of scientists and medical experts. What we know so far mostly narrows down to cancer’s mechanisms of development, growing and spreading. The true cause and the trigger of the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells are still unknown. But what worries more is the quite ineffective collection of weapons against it we have.

Current therapy options – high cost and uncertain benefit

Conventional medicine uses various approaches to malignant diseases depending on the type and stage of cancer, existing metastases and patient’s general health. These treatment methods include chemotherapy, radiation, surgical removal of cancer tissue and immunotherapy as the latest strategy. Often, these methods are combined. Unfortunately, the results are not impressive, and all these therapy options come with a wide range of side effects. Vomiting, hair loss, bone marrow dysfunction, destruction of the health tissues are just some of the most common costs of the conventional therapy. These are, also, the reasons for many patients to turn to alternative cancer treatments.

There is a completely new therapy option

Walking into our clinic will open you for a completely new and different treatment strategy. We employ certificated experts in several fields, and you can always submit to conventional therapies with us. But the breaking through solution we offer you is the treatment with cancer vaccines. Namely, the team of our oncologists, radiologists and pharmaceutics spent years studying the mechanisms of cancers development and body’s reactions to it and finally came up with a whole new approach.

immunotherapy-cancer-vaccinesWe have tried to take advantage of natural immune system’s reactions and direct it properly to fight cancer cells. By injecting the specimen of your malignant tissue into your bloodstream, we stimulate the immune cells to fight cancer in more specific and consequentially more effective way than conventional therapies do.

The steps of the alternative treatment

Before we involve with any intervention, our experts have to get the full insight into your condition. This includes everything from series of questions and routine analyzing to specific evaluations and scanning of the body. After all the data are collected, we will extract the sample of your malignant tissues and your healthy tissue and modify it through specific lab procedures into a vaccine designed strictly for you and your condition.

There are some minor preparations for the first vaccine shot, but you will get all the explanations and instructions along the way. Usually, patients require at least one more vaccine shot after a certain period, sometimes even more than that.

vakcina-2The results of this therapy approach are amazing so far. We have seen excessive cancers shrink rapidly and disappear from the body after several months. It is easily applicable, and patients are spared from severely unpleasant side effects and consequences.

It goes without saying that you will be monitored through the whole process of treatment, occasionally re-evaluated and carefully guided by our team of experts.

We are ready and willing to help people fight this heavy crisis in life and regain their health back for the brand new beginning.

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It all begins with a single cell turning malignant

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It all begins with a single cell turning malignant

The modern age is the age of malignant diseases. Almost 15 million new cases and nearly 10 million deaths due to cancer are detected this year. Whether it’s a lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate, bowl, cervix or any other organ’s cancer, the statistics show alarming numbers and predict rise by 60% over the next two decades. Thousands of researches and clinical trials are conducted, and dozens of various therapy methods are being tested, but currently there is no significant breaking through this pandemic.

And it all begins with one cell turning malignant. Any normal cell in our body can undergo carcinogenesis due to the influence of genetic factors, external and internal agents. Once the mutation occurs, the cells begin to grow rapidly, cross the boundaries of the organ, invade surrounding tissues and eventually spread to distant regions of the body in the process of metastasizing. Not all types of cancer grow equally fast and aggressive. It usually takes years for the process to occur and fully develop, but some cancers can truly grow and kill the patient within just a few months.

Many risk factors, such as cigarettes, consuming various foods, exposure to radiation and many chemicals, are well known to trigger or promote carcinogenesis. Also, aging as the physiological process, is a risk factor for cancer development. This explains the significant increase of malignant diseases in the modern age partially. The length of an average human life has increased causing dramatic accumulation of cell mutations.

There is hope within our clinic

Like many other clinics and hospitals dealing with the treatment of oncology patients, we have spent years applying conventional therapy. We were involved with various screening programs and smoking-123rfpreventive procedure trying to fight the malignant diseases before they occur. A Strong team of our experts in oncology, hematology, radiology and other medical fields was routinely submitting our cancer patients to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, brachytherapy, surgical intervention and immunotherapy. Until we realized that our overall success in treating these patients is devastating small. It became clear that the whole new approach is needed. That sent us back to the lab and drawing boards to think of alternative cancer treatments. After dozens of trials and experiment, one method gave us amazing results. Specially designed vaccines against the cancer were our new weapon.

The story behind cancer vaccines

The ability of the natural immune system to recognize the invader, destroy it via various mechanisms and to memorize its characteristics in the case of another interaction is well known and used widely brain-cancer-vaccineso far. What we tried to do is to use the pattern of traditional immunization against infectious diseases and adjust it to the malignant diseases. The team of our experts passionately dedicated to this research has used the sample of malignant
tissue, combined it with the sample of the healthy tissue and created specific medication. This solution is injected into the bloodstream of the patient and it “educates,” trains, gives instructions and boosts the patient’s immune system to fight cancer cells in the more specific, accurate and effective way.

The costs, benefits and expected outcomes

o-cancer-vaccine-facebookCurrently, we offer this treatment to anyone willing to submit to it while still developing its capacities. The patients usually require two to three shot over the certain period and several further evaluations. Present results are highly encouraging and promising. And the best aspect of the story is very few mild side effects of the treatment compared to the conventional approaches.

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Malignant diseases – the modern age pandemic

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Malignant diseases – the modern age pandemic

Malignant diseases are among leading causes of death in all countries threaten to increase the incidence dramatically over the next two decades. Every cancer emerges from one cell in your body turning malignant due to the interaction between aging, genetic predisposition, external and internal risk factors. Once the mutation has occurred and dodged supervision of the immune system, the cells continue to divide and grow across normal boundaries of the organ, invading surrounding tissue and eventually, spreading into distant regions of the body.

Current treatments are quite limited

Currently, there are many various approaches to cancer treatment depending on the cancer stage and type, patient’s overall health condition and therapy possibilities. Roughly divided, cancer treatments include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and various surgical interventions. Some therapy approaches are conducted in an attempt to cure or at least to control the disease, but some are just palliative procedures, designed to relieve symptoms.

New hope for oncology patients

Since conventional cancer treatments are quite aggressive, invasive and tend to cause a lot of heavy side effects, with uncertain outcomes, many patients are considering alternative cancer treatments. This often brings them to our door. After many years of lab testing, researches and experiments on the lab animals, our scientists and experts came up with a whole new procedure based on the completely different approach. While all conventional methods tend to attack cancer cells from the outside, we decided to use body’s inner defending mechanisms and train them to fight malignant cells. This is how out cancer vaccines emerged.

doctor-with-blood-testWe have designed the strategy based on sampling cancer tissue, converting it into vaccine fluid, injecting it into the bloodstream and facing it with natural immune cells. These cells will “get to know their enemy” and develop strong immune response to it. This procedure imitates traditional immunization against infectious diseases taking advantage of the way immune system reacts when faced with the strange agent in the body. The effects and final results are amazing, and the patient experiences almost no side effects of the treatment.

We go with you through all the steps of the therapy

Knowing how many worries, problems, and obstacles oncology patients are faced with, we have tried to simplify this procedure as possible. If you are diagnosed with any malignant disease and want to try to fight it with alternative treatments, contact us via phone numbers or mail address listed below. In the next step, you will have to fulfill several questionnaires and provide us with all details about your symptoms and general health. Once we review these data, our experts will set the meeting. We will examine your body and do all the necessary analyses before creating treatment strategy.

ptc_bg3The most common approach includes two or three vaccine shots given within few months. This is adjusted according to the mere nature of cancer, its expansion, and other present health issues.

During the treatment, you will undergo occasional evaluations and examinations to monitor the effects of the therapy. These procedures have to be conducted in your presence, so you will have to come personally to our clinic. For all other information and instruction, our regularly maintained website and patients service personnel can help you from a distance.

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